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"The Da Vinci Code" Dan Brown

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It is difficult to say exactly what this book is about. There is a murder, but you know who did the killing from the beginning, although there is a mystery about who is the brains behind the killer. But the heart of the story is a set of riddles, left for a granddaughter by a grandfather as he lay dying.

The riddles lead the granddaughter, and an innocent bystander who happens to study an esoteric field, on a wild chase crossing France and England. Did I mention that the grandfather was the curator of the Louvre? And the riddles involve art, religion, and the Catholic Church.

This book was exceptionally absorbing. The pacing is exceptional, and the plot inspired. As a warning, however, there are accusations about the Catholic Church which may be offensive to some readers. Over all, however, one of the few books that lives up to the hype!

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