Photography, Knitting, Books, Coffee, Equality, Sailing, and anything else that catches my attention.

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I'm Bill, a programmer, writer, and technology enthusiast. I have been blogging off and on for 20+ years. I spent 13 years in the US Navy on submarines, working as a nuclear trained electronic technician.

In 1997 I joined The Nemours Foundation as a computer programmer and managed the application development teams for many years.

In 2012, I started working as a video editor and producer.

With degrees in computer sciences and in English literature, I'm part engineering nerd, part computer geek, and part wanna-be writer.

These days I'm working on a Ten Year Plan, setting myself up for retirement and full-time cruising on my Westsail 32 sailboat.

I'm currently rethinking how I want to use this site. The future will profile my photography, software development work, and blogging my sailing life. I also intend to use the site to help off brain a bunch of stuff, like the commands I use to convert and resize batches of images.