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  • Double Basket Beanie Prototype

    Double Basket Beanie Prototype

    I finished the first prototype of my new Double Basket Beanie. Based on Barbara Walker’s Double Basket Pattern this beanie is comfortable and squishy. Also an easy knit. The stitch pattern is just knits and purls. Like my Basket Weave Beanie I’m writing the pattern to be easily sized by adjusting the number of stitch…

  • Bulky Swatch Blanket

    Bulky Swatch Blanket

    I’ve started putting together the Bulky Swatch Blanket. I plan to tile the swatches together somewhat randomly and use different colors for the connecting knitting bands. The swatches are various sizes, so I will keep it random and shoot for a Mondrian-style look.  We’ll see how it goes 🙂

  • Beanie Prototype: Double Basket Pattern

    Beanie Prototype: Double Basket Pattern

    I am working on a new Beanie using the delightful Double Basket pattern. The prototype is comfortable, squishy, and has an interesting texture. Keep an eye on this space and I’ll let you know when the pattern is ready on my Ravelry page. Enjoy!

  • Basket Weave Beanie

    Basket Weave Beanie

    I just added my first pattern to Ravelry. The pattern is for a great little beanie using the Basket Weave pattern. Enjoy!

  • Downtown Sunset

    Downtown Sunset

    I was at our downtown clinic today, filming some new drone footage of the building. We had a beautiful sunset over the river. Enjoy!

  • Whiskey Knits Project Bag

    Whiskey Knits Project Bag

    I love a good project bag, and I wanted a really big project bag for my checkmate sweater. So I dug my sewing machine out of the closet and got to work. Check out my Whiskey Knits large drawstring project bag. Plenty of pockets inside for stuff, and one pocket outside. What do you guys…

  • Vertices Unite Shawl

    Vertices Unite Shawl

    It took a while, but I finally finished my first Westknits shawl, Vertices Unite. I used the sock yarns from @by.delz’s sock club, so each section has a nice sparkle. It was a fun knit, and I love the colors. Now I need to wait for cooler weather to enjoy it.

  • “Fair Isle” Pattern

    “Fair Isle” Pattern

    On page 91 of Barbara Walker’s, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns Vol 1, pages 88-89 is the “Fair Isle” pattern. It is nice stranded colorwork and a nice intro to Argyle patterns. It is an enjoyable knit, and for the swatches, I’m trying to keep a 2 stitch border on each side in garter for…

  • Harlequin Pattern

    Harlequin Pattern

    My new favorite pattern from Barbara Walker’s, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns Vol 1, pages 88-89 is the Harlequin Pattern. It doesn’t look like much from the accompanying picture in the book, but a) this is a fun knit, b) the resulting texture is robust, and c) the pattern is delightful! I am also delighted…

  • Knotted Rib and Broad Spiral Rib

    Knotted Rib and Broad Spiral Rib

    For this swatch/block in my crazy quilt project, I knit a combination of the Knotted Rib and Broad Spiral Rib from Barbara Walker’s, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns Vol 1, page 49. This square is knit using Berroco Vintage Chunky in colorway 61194, Rhubarb. The Broad Spiral Rib is a pleasant texture that jumps off…