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Are You Wearing Enough Flair?

“What do you think, Joanna, of the person who only does the bare minimum?”

Are you wearing the right amount of flair? If you don’t get the reference,please immediately go watch Office Space.

I was joking with a friend the other day, that I can’t help think of that scene from Office Space when I see someone wearing religious paraphernalia like a cross pendant. So we coined the phrase, Religious Flair. And yes, I know that these tokens probably mean a great deal to the person wearing them,and they may have great sentimental meaning. And yes, I’m a horrible person for saying all this, but it does creep me out a bit to see people walking around with medieval torture/execution devices around their necks.

To bring the point home, the recent interview with the Indiana pizza store owners who publicly expressed their ‘beliefs’ by stating they wouldn’t cater a ‘gay wedding’ (as if any gay couple would serve pizza at their wedding!), they also made some rather uninformed statements about our country and our history. For the record, I am a tree-hugger, but I have no intention of marrying a tree. 🙂

I get it…we’re all imprinted with the culture we are born into and grow up in, and for some folks, especially older folks, that means the America of the’30’s, 40’s and 50’s. From what I’ve read, and seen in the movies, this was a great time of cultural upheaval, of war and conspiracies, and the modern day equivalents of witch hunts, McCarthyism.

This was a great time for what we now refer to as the ‘right’. Fear was easy to spread. Your neighbors could be Godless, souless Reds! Watch out!

This push was even so powerful that the The Pledge of Allegiance was changed so that folks were indoctrinated as early as possible.

If you dig deeper and look closely enough, it’s apparent that these times in history, when civil rights are challenged, those pushing from the wrong side are struggling to keep hold of their power. They are working to continue the fear mongering because it means power and money. Plain and simple. Sound familiar?

So, whether it’s women’s right to vote, racial equality, or marriage and legal equality for the LGBTQ community, those on the wrong side will continue to spread fear and fight because they know if they loose, they loose their power and their money.