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Ten Year Plan: Annapolis Boat Show Day 1

I’m using my vacation time this year to check out the Annapolis BoatShow. I drove up yesterday, 10/8/15, and hit the show early this morning.

To be honest, I was almost as excited for the long drive as I was for the boat show. I love long road trips, and this was a great opportunity to chill and listen to podcasts. It was a nice drive with little drama. The only challenge was I-95 closure in South Carolina. But Waze routed me around it without any issue.

I headed in early this morning to familiarize myself with the show layout. My plan today was to hit many of the free seminars. Tomorrow I am in the Take the Wheel seminar all day, and Sunday I plan to hit all the tents/vendors I didn’t see today.

I figured I would end up taking hundreds of pictures, but today I was overwhelmed. I did take a few, so enjoy the gallery below.